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Azyzah Theatre offers in-school workshops for teachers and students from the ages of  5 to 18. 

For students

We offer tailored workshops that can support one of our educational SHOWS or your curriculum.


We focus on giving your students an opportunity to speak English:

  • expressing themselves 

  • practicing grammar skills

  • giving directions

  • memorisation

  • new vocabulary

  • team building.

  • coordination


Duration1h to 1h30 depending on the ages and the goals

For teachers

We offer Teacher training workshops that give you active tools in the classroom and support your curriculum.

Teachers will acquire useful strategies to encourage their students to think, learn, and express themselves in all academic areas.

We will explore the power of play in the classroom through all art forms, music, movement, role play, storytelling and visualizations.

All our workshops
music, movement,
dance, voice and group awareness skills


Our popular workshops


This creative workshop uses movement, voice and character development with children of all ages.

Depending on the age we focus on story telling and creating short improvisations by using appropriate levels of English.


The children will explore different classic fairy tales (The three little pigs, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk, Puss in Boots or one of their choice).

We will convey these tales after creating our vey own puppets.

main collage.jpg

We explore our inner clown through movement, role play and guided improvisation.


Physical benefits of kids' circus classes include improved hand-eye, flexibility and strength. Kids will also develop essential life-skills, including self-confidence, teamwork and trust.


Students will explore and enjoy a unique range circus skills first hand: spinning plates, hula hooping, diabolo scarves, club juggling, rhythmic ribbon.


This workshop give students the opportunity to explore the English language through a full sensory experience.


We communicate with the help of the musical instruments and focus on building our confidence and giving room for music, song and play to guide us through this unique world of language.

Check out the photos!

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