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We have performed in the numerous schools!

B-Fresh, ZŠ Pchery, FZŠ Campanus, ZÁKLADNÍ ŠKOLA, Základní škola Eden, Prague British International School, English International School of Prague, Global Concepts, Nessie, ZŠ Lysolaje, Základní škola Rudná, MŠ a ZŠ Barrandov, Neverland Art Preschool, Základní škola Dědina, FZŠ Drtinova, ZŠ Čelákovice, ZŠ Chaplinovo, ZŠ Tusarova and more...
Full list upon request.

What schools are saying?


"We all very much liked the performance. It was something different than what the children are used to. They were not shy to come to the front and use their English at least a little bit, which is very important for them. As I learned later in the class, they retained a lot of the vocabulary. Thank you once again for making our school day nice and different."

Hana Korcová
ZŠ Lysolaje - Praha 6

"We really liked the performance, children managed to pay attention the whole time and they enjoyed the event. It was clear that Vanessa is a good performer as well as a teacher."

Hana Pelikánová
ZŠ a MŠ Bílá - Praha 6

" was great and the kids had fun. They were drawn into the show and had to be active. If you have something more adequate to their knowledge, we would like for you to come again."

J. Chmelař, B. Pasterňáková a 3.A a B
ZŠ Angel - Praha 5

"We enjoyed very much traveling around the world, visiting the continents and meeting animals. We liked your costumes very much. It was great fun."

Kids at ZŠ Angel - Praha 5

"I believe that the journey with Mr. Suits and his assistant Kiki was the best learning of English which our pupils have ever experienced. It is because they did not know that they were learning. They were dancing, jumping, singing and enjoying the performance. The Travel Machine brought them not only to different parts of the world but also to different feelings and emotions. They were curious, pleased, scared (of the crocodile), sad (when they were not chosen as volunteers), but mostly excited and happy.
..As I mentioned earlier, we were all very happy with the show. I personally consider theater to be the best method for teaching English and Travel Machine well fitted for primary schools. Thank you for the teaching materials, we used them both before and after the show. Other teachers and myself really admired the performance of both actresses."

Veronika Kočová
ZŠ Tusarova - Praha 7

"Both us and the children enjoyed Green Eggs and Ham very much. The actors are real professionals, who consider their work to be hobby, which corresponded to their 100% performance. The actors kept the children’s attention during the whole 45 minutes. The show was very interactive. The children were actively involved and they also enthusiastically volunteered to go on stage. All the children loved the show. We also appreciate flexible interpretation of more complex passages into Czech for kids, whose English is weaker. Nevertheless, the performers commended our pupils for their effort to speak English. We are looking forward to next shows."

Daniela Vojtěchovská
ZŠ a MŠ Červený vrch - Praha 6

"I asked our 4th graders today about the show and all the children were happy with it. They enjoyed very much. I think that next year we are going to have a show for our preschoolers too as well as for kids in grades 3-5."

Alena Lindauerová
ZŠ a MŠ K Dolům - Praha 12

"The Performance from the Magical Suitcase "Magic Concert" was both exciting and educational for our students. Her performance kept our children engaged for the full hours time and interested in what was in her 'suitcase'. She came fully prepared and her act was well thought out and inventive. Favorite parts from the students perspective was the "Muffin Man", Dance party that ended her show, and the Balloon animals for all children in attendance. Wonderful show and we would have her back everyday if we could."

Teachers and staff
b-fresh Preschool

"On November 2011 we had a chance to have Vanessa with her Magical theatre in our kindergarten. In her costume of a clown she brought a good atmosphere and we spent the morning of music and dancing together. The animals, who the children discovered in her suitcase, thought us English songs and also something about their lives. We can only recommend her performance to all kids and teachers like an additional motivating point for learning English."

Mgr. Jaroslava Faltejsková
Director - Preschool Skřivánek Smarties

"The Azyzah Entertainment Theatre Group put on a great show that was both entertaining and interactive. The children were thoroughly entertained and were developing their spoken English through songs. A great show that was enjoyed by all!"

Gary McLaughlin
Year 2 Teacher - Prague British School

"During the Magical Suitcase Concert, I sat looking around the room at the faces of the children at Park Lane. They were smiling, clapping, laughing and could be found singing along with Kiki and Mr.Suits..."

Joanne Turner
Programme enrichment - Park Lane International School

"Children loved watching Kiki and Mr.Suits being silly and very funny!! It was nice to see the children interacting and participating during the performance."

Alana Kamula
Head Teacher - Global Concepts Montessori School

"Vanessa and her team are bright, energetic, always very well organized. Children have good fun, smiling faces during all Birthday Parties. They are professionals!
I would without any reservation recommend Azyzah Entertainment to you and for sure I would like to cooperate with them in future time."

Magda Janczak
Deputy Director - The Little Mole International Preschool of Prague

"The show is funny, entertaining and educational; the fast pace and variety of techniques used ensure that nobody will be bored or disappointed at the end of it. Children at our school loved every moment of the show and willingly participated in the interactive exchanges throughout the performance. At the end, they wanted a rerun".

Urszula Ula Konczewska
Kindergarten Teacher - Neverland Art Preschool

What parents are saying?


"Hi Vanessa, I just wanted to say Thank You to you and your team for helping to make Alice's Birthday Party at Little Mole on Saturday such a success she had a fantastic time and we were so thrilled that it all went so well.
As you can see from the attached photo Alice is clearly having a great time.
The girls (pirates) on the day were brilliant!Regards"

Liz Green (mother of Alice)

"Dear Zazou and Zing Zing,

Again our birthday boy had a wonderful party. And thanks for being so flexible and add the sledding into the programme at last minute notice!
We'll be booking more...

On behalf of Tjebbe, Bonno and Berend Dasbach"

Rineke (mother of three boys)

"My own observation showed that Vanessa has a natural respect for kids. All of them who attended our Christmas Boat Cruise with St. Nicolas joined her program with no questions asked. She managed to organize them so well that they followed her instructions and planned program with joy and happiness."

Kids in Prague web review

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What kids are saying?


"I liked Kiki the best because she smiled a lot and she said Kiki in a funny voice and I went two times on the stage and the best part was when Kiki started to say where Mr. Suits would eat the eggs and ham."
Prague British School, Student, Rosa, 9 years

"The best character was Kiki. My best thing was when Kiki was silly. It was perfect when you acted the story Green Eggs and Ham.It really was perfect !"
Prague British School, Student, Luc, 8 years

"I found the music really beautiful! Also the cat sound was very nice. I loved the puppets and the evil witch sound, it was beautiful!"
English International School of Prague, Student, Laurens, 12 years

"The actress singing was very loud, so it wasn't boring. I loved it!"
English International School of Prague, Student, George 11 years

"I loved all the puppets and songs. It was beautiful!"
Laco, Neverland Art Preschool, 5 years

"I find the magic suitcase so much fun because we sing all the time my favorite songs!"
Honza, Neverland Art Preschool, 5 years

"Wow! Wow ! Wow!"
Georgy, Global Concepts, 3 years


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