Dagmar Jegerova: Booking Agent Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany

Dagmar ‘Dáša’ Jegerova was born and raised in Prague. Having completed her acting training at the International Conservatory, she has worked with Prague Shakespeare jesle_2Company and the Czech theatre Studio Hrdinů. Dipping her toes into musical theatre, she became a singer and dancer for the original musical “Králové Avalonu” which opens at theatre Hybernia in the fall of 2015. She has also been cooperating with Prague Film School and FAMU, as well as playing the minor character of Beáta on TV Prima’s series “Přístav”.

Dáša loves to sing, dance, and entertain in all ways imaginable. Having worked as a summer camp counsellor in her teens, she loves kids. As her own inner child runs rampant most of the time, she strives for her performances to be as much fun for her young audience as they are for her.