Educational English Theatre

Theatre that makes the English language a fun learning experience!

Educational Theatre
Suitable for basic schools year 1-7

Our plays are tailored to enhance the English language in a creative and interactive fashion. Education has never been more fun!

shows_mainWe focus on making the English language accessible to children by using clear, uncomplicated vocabulary shown in an animated way. The educational student-teacher package provides different aspects of the English Language. These resources combined with the memorable, interactive experience of our shows an important educational tool.

We offer unique theatre performances where children can experience all of theatre’s wonders through music, puppetry, theatre and clowning. You may choose from the following shows:

Le Wow Magic Show

Le Wow Magic Show is an interactive show filled with magical discoveries and laughter!

Kiki & Mr.Suits find several tricks in their red suitcase and will need the help of the audience to make these tricks come to life! Get ready to become a magician by transforming objects, singing and helping our two magic friends!

Suitable for preschools & basic schools year 1-2 Availabe in French & English

Watch Le Wow Magic Show on YouTube

Le Wow Magic Show

The Decoding Mission

The Decoding Mission is an action filled  SHOW where Kiki and Mr.Suits find themselves in a dystopian world where they must save the planet from being destroyed by the Black Air Virus by the unknown evil source. 

This unique SHOW is highly interactive by engaging students in chanting, decoding messages and pushing their own limits.

Suitable for year 4,5,6,7

The Decoding Mission Teacher Student Package

Click here for the VIDEO link

The Decoding Mission


The Christmas Escapades is an interactive SHOW designed to teach basic English through Christmas music & song.

Kiki & Mr.Suits try and find the true meaning of Christmas through objects they find in a large present.

Induced with Christmas favourites like: Jingle Bells, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa Claus is coming to Town, All I Want for Christmas and more…

Suitable for preschools & basic schools year 1-3

Get XMAS Escapades XMAS Escapades Teacher Student Pack
free downloadable music from the Concert!Watch The XMAS Escapades on YouTubeDownload printable poster here… (PDF)

Fun Fair Murder Mystery


Mr.Suits & Kiki find themselves caught in a Fun Fair Murder Mystery adventure where supernatural characters like a Werewolf, a Vampire, a clown and Dr. Frankenstein become the main suspects.

In order to solve the mystery of Kiki’s disappearance  they will need the students help in  exploring the different possibilities of who done it.

This is a highly interactive show where students focus on practicing their listening and speaking skills.

Suitable for Year 4 & 5

Get Fun Fair Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery Fun Fair Student Teacher Pack Watch Fun Fair Murder Mystery on YouTube
Download printable poster A4_Mystery_DC-2
Fun Fair Murder Mystery

Magic Concert

The Magic concert is an interactive SHOW designed to teach children basic English through music.

Along with Kiki we discover new animal friends that share their songs with us along with surprises found in Kiki’s large suitcase.

Induced with over 20 classic songs like: The Ants Go Marching, The Muffin Man, Incy Wincy Spider, Old MacDonald and more.

Special Songs of your choice are available upon request.

Suitable for preschool & basic schools year 1-3

Get Magic Concert Magic Concert Teacher pack
free downloadable music from the Concert!Watch The Magic Concert on YouTube
Download printable poster 
here… (PDF)
Magic Concert

Lost in the Land of Twirls

Lost in the Land of Twirls is an interactive SHOW designed to teach children basic English through music & songs.

In this unique adventure Kiki finds herself lost in the land of twirls. She will need the students to solve a final riddle while exploring different places and meeting special characters.

Induced with over 10 classic songs like: The Ants Go Marching, Five Little Monkeys and more.

Suitable for preschool & basic schools year 1-3

Get Lost in the Land of Twirls Teacher Pack
free downloadable music ! Watch Lost  in the Land of Twirls on YouTubeDownload printable poster here… (PDF)
Lost in the Land of Twirls

Green Eggs & Ham

This unique performance inspired by Green Eggs & Ham takes Kiki & Mr.Suits on an adventure of words and absurd circumstances! We soon realize that Kiki may never convince Mr.Suits to try the Green Eggs but in the end all is resolved through song and interactive play with the audience.

Suitable for preschool & basic schools year 1-3

Get Green Eggs & Ham Student Teacher Pack
Watch Green Eggs & Ham clip on YouTubeDownload printable poster here… (PDF)
Green Eggs & Ham

Travel Machine

The Travel Machine is an interactive SHOW designed for teaching English while traveling around the world in a travel Machine with Mr. Suits & Kiki while inviting new found friends to a dance party final!

During the performance children will be participating in meeting new friends from all over the world and practicing their greeting skills as well as conversing by using simple English.

We provide teacher materials to prepare the children for the SHOW!

Suitable for basic schools year 1-4.

Get Travel Machine Student Teacher Pack 

Watch The Travel Machine clip on YouTube

Download printable poster here… (PDF)


Travel Machine

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